My Teachers

Respect and Gratitude - Your influence guides me still

My Parents
Who taught me the power of integrity

Donald Ford
L.C.C. Chairman Chairman of Inner London Magistrates Writer and Poet.
My first mentor and poetic midwife
who taught me to believe in myself and embrace challenge

The Mythical Don Juan
Shamanic Awakener and planter of seeds

Petrushka Clarkson
Sue Fish
Maria Gilbert
and fellow therapist travelers at Metanoia 84 - 87

Robert Bly
Midwife of Brotherhood

Jose Argeuelles
mystic and time lord
(through your books only)

Heather Campbell & Leo Rutherford
Medicine Way showers

Harley SwiftDeer(Thunder Strikes)
Mysterious Character Nagual and Master of the Matrix

Gabrielle Roth
Initiator of Re-membrance Spiritual Midwife and Mistress of the Moving Matrix
fellow teachers and the dancing tribe

Batti ThunderBear & Rose ThunderEagle
and the apprentice tribe
friends and teachers

Arwyn Dreamwalker
dreamer and sorceress
and fellow Dreamweavers

Wallace Black Elk
Traditional Elder and Linage Carrier

Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow)
Visionary and Sundancer

Hyemeyohsts Storm
Zero Chief and Nagual

Victor Sanchez
Shamanic Re-Awakener
(through your books only)

Don Miguel Ruiz
Toltec Master Nagual and Teacher of Heart
and the modern Toltec's
(through your books only)

My partners friends apprentices and students
who as mirrors reflect the best and worst in me

Life itself
for your gifts and challenges
The Greatest of All Teachers




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