The course comes in 13 monthly units which will be sent to your email in a PDF. Format.
Each Unit contains a substantial workbook with written information and background, an exercise section with
practical exercises to help you develop your skills as well as a series of ceremonies that help you
connect to the work in a spiritual and personal way. The course takes you on a journey of exploration through
a step by step process with each step building on the previous one allowing you to learn at your own pace.

This course is of a very high quality and unlike many other courses on the internet, due to its depth,
scope, the excellent nature of the material and level of support and mentoring. It is also in tune
with the present time with the material coming form ancient roots but presented in a way
which is absolutely modern.

Duncan is a very experienced teacher with genuine knowledge and training which he
combines with extremely good communication skills.
Read articles written by Duncan and testimonials from his students, fellow teachers and travelers.

Duncan is available on Email to mentor your progress if you so choose.

It will be possible to talk with Duncan personally on the phone by arrangement but this will
be restricted to half an hour per month for those who which to do so.

You will be invited to workshops and ceremonies by invitation where you will be able to meet fellow
travelers and work with Duncan in person there will be a charge for the workshops.

The course costs £600 in total and this is paid in 12 monthly installments of £50 each. These are arranged by Pay Pal in one visit by pressing the subscribe button bellow. Where you will be offered several payment options.


To subscribe to course press the subscribe button and this will take you to Pay pal site
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One Year Course